About the Artist

Artist statement:

"I am moved by the beauty of nature, the sensuality of color and pattern, and the way in which the heart responds to these forces. I can lose myself in the smallest patterns of a leaf, in the sense of the magnificent present in the smallest. Revealing inner voices beyond the mind's thought, and touching the inner self are important to me. In all that I experience, always present, is the underlying hum of the universe. I can show this mystery with passion through the non-verbal poetry of line, shape, color and movement." It can take me several weeks to complete a painting, and I often work on two or three at a time. Going from one to the other, and layering colors and mediums allows the images within to arise.

I have been creating all kinds of things since the third grade.  Nature was, and still is, an inspiration even though I do not paint in a realistic fashion.  Another part of my creative abilities has taken me years to understand and to come to peace with and that is my intuitive nature.  I am extremely sensitive to energy within and around me, and this is a constant part now of my work.  I feel that I am revealing layers of the world and stimulating veiled parts of myself and my viewers.  Many buyers and clients have confirmed this for me.

So I am dedicated to speaking from the heart. I believe that we have an overload of superficial encounters in our daily life and it's draining.  I want to touch the heart and soul and make the mystical live again. I want to take off the veils.

Brief Bio:

Sue Reed was born in Missouri, and is a graduate of the University of Missouri, with an MFA in printmaking/drawing. She has over 20 years of experience working in the art field, creating, marketing, working on commissions and working with designers, architects, and the public. She has found that her exciting, sophisticated work fits in well in corporate as well as private environments. She is open to working on commissions and has created works for special spots in a variety of venues.