"Sue Reed taps into the collective unconscious to find and portray the depths within us with amazing color, light, sensitivity and style.  She turns the inside out and brings it to light in beautiful form. Truth triumphs over illusion, color over darkness, and beauty emerges from the myriad shards of light that burst into creation in her work."

—Ann Albers, spiritual instructor, lecturer and author.


"Reed has at her command an arsenal of media.  It is not the kind of work that can be "learned".  Unique, bold and often idiosyncratic, her paintings create a felt world of experiences, magic, symbols and motion.  The viewer knows that something extraordinarily powerful lurks within.  Each work comes across as powerful and provocative.  There is a lot to be learned here in terms of ideas and technique translated gracefully into finished art."

—William David Barry, Portland Evening Express, Portland, Maine

(A review of a gallery exhibit titled "Scenes From A Western Adventure".)